New Security Threats from the IoT

Bruce Schneier on New Security Threats from the Internet of Things

An article that’s worth reading.
The main point, that seems to me the original part of the speech, is the following equality:

IoT (Internet of Things)
world-size distributed robot across the Internet.

«Through the sensors, we’re giving the Internet eyes and ears. Through the actuators, we’re giving the Internet hands and feet. Through the processing — mostly in the cloud — we’re giving the Internet a brain. Together, we’re creating an Internet that senses, thinks, and acts. This is the classic definition of a robot, and I contend that we’re building a world-sized robot without even realizing it».

The Internet will be a computerized, networked, and interconnected world that we’ll live in, and made with devices often sold at a low margin by companies that simply don’t have the expertise to make them secure: computer security is becoming everything security.

Some emergent properties can eventually arise. These are unexpected behaviors that stem from interaction between the components of a complex system and their environment. In some contexts, emergent properties can be beneficial; users adapt products to support tasks that designers never intended. They can also be harmful if they undermine important safety requirements.

This is a definitely interesting topic.

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