Nagios Plugins for Linux v22

I’m delighted to announce the immediate, free availability of the version 22 of the the Nagios Plugins for Linux. The Nagios Plugins for Linux is a free and open source (license) set of plugins for monitoring the major system parameters of the Linux servers.

As usual the complete source code is available at GitHub (nagios-plugins-linux-22.tar.xz). You can find the full documentation on

What’s new in this release


vminfo lib: add the following items to the /proc/vmstat parser:

  • vm_pgalloc_dma32
  • vm_pgrefill_dma32
  • vm_pgscan_direct_dma32
  • vm_pgscan_kswapd_dma32
  • vm_pgsteal_dma32
  • vm_pgsteal_direct_dma
  • vm_pgsteal_direct_dma32

The DMA32 memory zone is only available on 64-bit linux (low ~4GBytes of memory).
This patch can slightly modify the value of the memory counters reported by check_memory.


Fix several warnings reported by Codacy and Codeclimate.


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