Nagios Plugins for Linux v25

Nagios Plugins for Linux v25 (Gentoo Release)

The version 25 of the Nagios Plugins for Linux is available for download.

The Nagios Plugins for Linux is a free and open source (license) set of plugins for monitoring the major system parameters of the Linux servers.

The complete source code is available at GitHub (nagios-plugins-linux-25.tar.xz). You can find the full documentation on

What’s new in this release


  • Fix compilation when libcurl headers are not installed.
  • Fix warning message about obsolete AC_PROG_RANLIB macro usage.
  • sysfsparser library: fix debug messages in sysfsparser_thermal_get_temperature().
  • check_memory plugin: minor code cleanup and typo fixes.


  • Add perfdata to mem_available and mem_used (feature asked by @sbraz).
  • Add a build option to disable the linking of libcurl (necessary to build check_docker): --disable-libcurl (feature asked by @sbraz).
  • Packages: add support for Fedora 30 and Debian 10 (Buster).


  • Update the external jsmn library.
  • Move some functions to the new library perfdata.
  • Drop support for building Fedora 24-27 and Debian 6 (Squeeze) packages.

Test framework

New unit test for lib/perfdata.c.

Gentoo Package

The plugins are now available in the Gentoo tree. They can be installed by running:

emerge -av net-analyzer/nagios-plugins-linux-madrisan

The curl USE flag is required to build check_docker.

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