Nagios Plugins for Linux v21

The Nagios Plugins for Linux version 21 is now available.
The source is available at GitHub: nagios-plugins-linux-21.tar.xz

You can find documentation on

What’s new in this release


  • check_paging the command-line option --swapping-only has been added for displaying only the swap reads and writes. The help message has been updated and improved by added some lines that explain which kernel variable(s) are selected when a user specify the warning and/or critical thresholds.
  • The Docker-based framework for packaging the Nagios Plugins for Linux supports two new extra distributions:
    • Debian 9 (Stretch)
    • Fedora 26
  • The test framework has been reworked and enriched in new modules:
    • tests/tsclock_thresholds
    • tests/tscswch
    • tests/tsintr
    • tests/tslibmeminfo_conversions
    • tests/tslibmeminfo_interface
    • tests/tslibmeminfo_procparser
    • tests/tslibmessages
    • tests/tslibvminfo
    • tests/tsload_normalize
    • tests/tsload_thresholds
    • tests/tspaging
    • tests/tstemperature
    • tests/tsuptime

The result of each text execution is now displayed with colors.

  •  The code of several plugins has been polished and modularized to
    allow testing. The glibc function secure_getenv() (or __secure_getenv() on Ubuntu, and maybe other distributions) is now used, instead of getenv(), in the test code to improve security.

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